7 Ways to Live Forever

Throughout mankind’s history, death has fascinated him. In particular, how to avoid death. Humanity has always sought ways to gain immortality, cheat death and live forever. Many people over have come up with many different methods. Here is a brief summary of some of them.

The Egyptian “Western Lands”

The Egyptian way of becoming immortal is really quite unreliable and impractical. In the Egyptian mythology, when you die, your spirit - called the ka - and your body separate. Your ka is immortal and free to wander around a place called the ‘Western Lands’ for eternity. But there is a condition: the body is the home of the spirit and the ka has to come visit home every now and again. If it cannot find your body - if your body has decayed too much or been lost, for example - your spirit will disappear as well. This is why the Ancient Egyptians worked so hard to make mummies: so that person’s ka could find their body. The Egyptians also needed your name to be remembered. If you were forgotten, your spirit would cease to exist. The Egyptian method of Immortality is not very practical.

Other Religions

Most other religions, anything from Christianity to Buddhism, have some form of eternal life. However, most of these religions require you to die at least once before gaining access to said eternal life. Christianity offers eternal life in Heaven and Buddhism offers reincarnation after death until one obtains enlightenment.

Become a Vampire

Aside from stakes, sunlight, fire and beheadings, vampires are immortal. All you have to do to become one is find one and have it turn you into one. There are two hard parts here: 1) finding a vampire and 2) convincing it to turn you, rather than just eating you. This method of immortality is also not without it’s problems. For one, you can’t go out in sunlight. For another, you have to drink blood, which is neither sanitary nor (probably) tasty. The worst part might be the tendency of some vampires to end up in small towns, dating mortal high-school students.


Phylactery is the magical art of binding one’s soul to an inanimate object. This method is similar to what Lord Voldemort does in the Harry Potter series using Horcruxes. The theory is, with your soul stored somewhere other than your body, you cannot die. The problem with this is that in most cases of Phylactery, the practitioner’s body still ages and decays. Eventually, they end up as grotesque, animated skeletons known as liches.  The other main problem lies in getting the Black Magic required to actually work.

Body/Soul/Mind Transference

As with Phylactery, this method involves the Dark Arts, so the same problem with getting the system to work arises here too. The basic idea here is to switch bodies with someone younger than you. They go into your old body and you go into theirs. You then keep their body until it starts to get old, then you switch again. One of the other advantages of this system is that you can try out life as different members of society. If you are a man and want to try a cycle as a woman, you can (theoretically) do that. If you want to see what life is like as a different race, that would be possible too. The disadvantage is that the body you transfer into has all the same vulnerabilities as every other human body. The other disadvantage is that you have to keep switching every forty or fifty years.


You could have yourself frozen. Since you are not technically dead, and can be revived at any time, you can technically live forever. The downside is that you are frozen, and cannot do anything.

Transfer your mind to a computer or other machine

In transferring your mind to a machine, you get around much of the problems associated with the human body aging. However, machines and computers do still degrade over time. So you would need someone to maintain the system externally. The other problem with this method is that the technology isn’t currently available and would be highly experimental.


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Which Color Personality Are You: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?

Most companies use the four color personality test to determine how best to address each personality with the goal of creating a harmonious and productive environment. It is useful for an individual to be able to understand each color personality as well to better equipped in adapting to each personality type

No, I'm not asking about your favorite color. After you a reach a certain age, you probably start to realize that not all of us were created equal. We each have our own nuances and personalities which sometimes make it easier for us to get along with some and have a difficult time with others. Some personalities clash and some get along with perfect ease. Most companies use a color personality test in order to better understand these personality differences and how to make it work for everyone.

Understanding the different personalities is important not just for big companies but for us as individuals as this will make it easier for us to learn how to better deal with colleagues and clients. You might say this could even be useful in understanding your partner when it comes to personal relationships. Understanding gives you a better perspective of a person and how best to react when faced with a stressful situation.

Experts have determined that there are four basic personality types. The four basic colors are, yellow, red, blue and green, and it doesn't have anything to do with a person's favorite color. As an individual, learning our color personality is also important. First, because it helps us to better understand ourselves and why we react to certain situations a certain way. Second, when we understand who we are, it allows us to open ourselves to at least try to understand others as well.

Want to learn what type of personality you have? You may take this simple color personality test. Once you have finished the test you may go back to check out what your color personality means by checking out the rest of this article. If you find that 2 or more colors returned the same result, that is perfectly normal as no one person is just one color. All of us have some bits of each color personality, although some colors may be more predominant than the rest.


The yellow personality is generally regarded as the sunniest personality. Often you will find them the life of the party. They are most of the time the loudest and most vocal of the four types of color personality. Some would regard them as the happy-go-lucky type who seems unable to take anything seriously. The yellow personality treats life as if it's one big, continuous party. If faced with a stressful situation, the yellow person would seek out friends and drink it out. Most yellow personalities fear rejection most.

More interesting facts about the yellow personality include they can be very loyal and great team players, and are personable and friendly. They can be family oriented and animal lovers, plus environmentally conscious and love the outdoors. Yellow personalities do not like conflict and are more adept at being the peace maker. A yellow personality is creative, expressive, intuitive, and makes great volunteers. They dislike phony people.  

Yellow Personality Tendencies

  • Optimism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Makes good impressions
  • Verbally articulate
  • Likes to help others
  • Creates entertaining climate

Yellow Personality Ideal situation

  • Friendly warm environment
  • Freedom from control
  • Public recognition of ability
  • Opportunity to talk
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Enthusiastic response to ideas

Yellow Personality Weaknesses

  • Following through
  • Overestimating results
  • Misjudging capabilities
  • Talks too much
  • Acts impulsively
  • Jumps to conclusions
  • Over commits
  • Acts first, thinks second

Yellow Personality Needs others to provide

  • Follow through on details
  • Focus on tasks
  • Logical approach

Yellow Personality Personal growth area

  • Time awareness
  • Objectivity in decision making


The red personality is generally considered the "dominating personality". These are the types of person who demands that things be done their way and right now. They sometimes have low tolerance for undisciplined and devil-may-care attitude which oftentimes put them at odds with the yellow personality. If faced with a stressful situation the red personality would generally seek out strenuous activities like running or boxing to vent out his or her frustrations. Most reds fear failure.

More interesting fact about the red personality includes their desire to win, competitive, and a confident personality. Even though the red personality is competitive, they can also be insecure which gives a need for approval from others and drives their need to win. They can be selfish, and not a good team player, because they would rather be in the spotlight which makes them sometimes selfish.

 Red personality Tendencies

  • Getting immediate results
  • Making quick decisions
  • Persistence
  • Solving problems
  • Taking charge
  • Looking self reliant
  • Accepting challenges

Red Personality Ideal situation

  • New varied activities
  • Opportunity to really get things done
  • Continual challenges, multi-tasker
  • Difficult assignments
  • Freedom to act from their instinct
  • Control over the situations
  • Direct answers from others, no innuendoes

Red Personality Weaknesses

  • Insensitivity towards others
  • Impatient
  • Overlook risks
  • Inflexibility, demanding of others
  • Talks too much
  • Inattentive to details at times
  • Resenting of restrictions

Red Personality Needs others to provide

  • Attention to routine tasks
  • Caution
  • Focus on details and facts

Red Personality Personal growth area

  • Greater patience
  • Sensitivity to others' needs
  • Flexibility


The green personality is generally referred to as the calm personality. They don't easily get frazzled and are the epitome of calmness even in most stressful situations. To them also falls the role of mediator when faced with sticky situations. When stressed, the green's approach is to sleep it off. The green personality tries his/her best to maintain harmony in all types of situation. Because of the green's inability to say no, people oftentimes take advantage of them.

The green personality also has the following traits. They are known to be very calculating and logical in their thinking which also means they do not make snap decisions and think everything through because of their love of analyzing every question and every situation. They are more scientific in their thinking, preferring facts over intuition of faith based answers. This can make the green personality rather skeptical of people and those with ulterior motives. They need a precise plan to follow, and they are not spontaneous, and do not like surprises. They can also be perfectionist and sometimes end up being emotionally detached.

Green Personality Tendencies

  • Supportive
  • Agreeable
  • Loyal
  • Self control
  • Consistent
  • Good listener
  • Opportunity to develop personal relationships

Green Personality Ideal situation

  • Sincere appreciation by others
  • Minimal conflict between people
  • Security
  • Acknowledgement of work by others
  • Limited territory
  • Traditional procedures
  • Opportunity to develop personal relationships

Green Personality Weaknesses

  • Resist change
  • Trouble making deadlines
  • Overly lenient with people
  • Procrastinates
  • Indecisive
  • Holds grudges
  • Overly possessive
  • Lacks initiative

Green Personality Needs others to provide

  • Push to try new challenges
  • Help in solving difficult problems
  • Initiative and accepting change

Green Personality Personal growth area

  • Facing confrontation and dealing with it
  • Moving at a faster pace and initiating


The blue personality type is seen as the perfectionists. They are the ones who would generally examine the smallest details of every situation and fret about each one of them. The blue personality oftentimes appears unemotional and doesn't want to be touched. The greatest fear of a blue person is to be criticized.

Interestingly, other studies show that the blue personalities can be aloof, forgetful and fun loving. They live for the moment and are the exact opposite of the green personality.

Blue PersonalityTendencies

  • Orderliness
  • Conscientious
  • Disciplined
  • Precise
  • Thorough
  • Diplomatic with people
  • Analytical

Blue Personality Ideal situation

  • Being able to concentrate on detail
  • Opportunities to critique
  • Stable surroundings and procedures
  • Exact job description, expectations
  • Opportunities for "careful" planning
  • Sufficient time to do things right
  • Opportunities for reassurance from authority

Blue Personality Weaknesses

  • Indecisive (looking at all data)
  • Get bogged down in details
  • Rigid on the how-to's
  • Avoids controversy
  • Low self esteem
  • Hesitant to try new things
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Can be pessimistic

Blue Personality Needs others to provide

  • Quick decision making
  • Optimism
  • Help in persuading others

Blue Personality Personal growth area

  • Be more open with their feelings
  • Be more optimistic

Color Personality Conclusion

This is not an exact science and many people can be different than what their color personality describes. Though some people are really described well with their color personalities, other people do not resemble their color personalities. Check out the following sources for more information, because this type of personality test can be very interesting. If you find you are someone that identifies with a certain color, these tests can be very helpful.




Drowning in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Drowning in your dreams can represent many things that the subconscious is trying to relay to the dreamer. Listed below are common interpretations to what it means to dream of drowning from discovering underlying emotions of fear, being overwhelmed, trapped or the need to express one's self more clearly. Discover new and simple ways to understand what your dreams of drowning are trying to tell you.

Drowning in your dreams can represent many things that the subconscious is trying to relay to the dreamer. Listed below are common interpretations to what it means to dream of drowning.

In the Ocean

Drowning in the ocean is a common theme but there are variations to it that can reveal a lot to the dreamer about his or her daily life.

To drown while swimming out into the ocean can represent that the person usually has a good grasp on their emotions, and swims along with the ebb and flow of life. However, once out the ocean, if the dreamer tires and goes under, where he is no longer able to stay above water, this is an indication that outer influences have just become too burdensome and the person is emotionally succumbing to the pressures and stresses. The buoyancy and balance has become off center and it means it's time to lighten the load in order to float the surface again. So, if this is a relationship that has gone awry, or a job that has become too stressful, it's time to rethink the situation and let go of what's pulling him down.

If the dreamer drowns in the ocean by suddenly being swept under a wave or tide they cannot fight against, this would indicate that the dreamer has been hit by a sudden situation in life that is difficult to process or emotionally handle. If the wave throws the dreamer into the rocks or runs them aground, this can represent deliberate intent from others to "bash" him with hurtful words or actions and they are left in an emotional undertow by it. In this situation, the dreamer is either receiving a warning to what's coming, or, he may have just experienced this in his life and it's his subconscious way of processing what has happened.

If the dreamer dreams he or she is left behind either by a sinking vessel or by someone else and ends up drowning, this can be an indication that the dreamer has a root fear of being abandoned and suffers loss or grief from it. In this case, it's healthy for the dreamer to express his concerns to those he is in fear of being abandoned by, or feels abandoned by, so that it can be resolved by receiving clarity and truthful intention. If this is a general fear that the dreamer has had for a long period of time, it can be helpful for the dreamer to experience a regression either through meditation or hypnotherapy so that he can learn of and remember the impacting experience he went through that caused that. Experiencing divorce, death or sudden loss at a young age can create the subconscious manifestation of this fear that outwardly blankets most relationships in which the dreamer continually feels at risk of abandonment and loss. This can result in clingy behavior, jealousy or feeling the need to hang on extra tight to others so that they are not left alone or abandoned.  

Ocean Waves / Pixabay

In a Pool

To drown while in a pool is a very different scenario than mentioned above. A pool is manmade. It is not a natural body of water. It is artificially kept blue, clear and clean within a constructed foundation that has been intentionally manufactured.  So the question for the dreamer, is, what in his life has become manufactured that looks great on the outside, has all the working parts, but is not a natural representation? This could be a career, a spouse, a lifestyle etc.

To dream of drowning in a pool while alone can indicate that the life the person has built for themselves is no longer sustainable. It is time to downsize and liquidate what no longer serves his or her happiness. This is something the dreamer must choose for themselves, and take responsibility for. Change is a good thing and when one thing dies, another is born.

To dream of drowning in a pool while there are many other people present, this can also mean the same thing as above, but in this scenario, the dreamer may be going through this in a public way. Other people are seeing this and watching what is happening. Now whether or not they are trying to assist the person or just let them drown can be very telling as well.  This will indicate whether or not other people are willing to come to the persons rescue. If there are other people present and they too are drowning in the pool, this can represent a group situation such as a whole family or a company, or even a community that is in a particular situation that needs to be changed. Water of course represents emotion so there is an emotional sadness or loss with this type of dream. However, with all loss, as in all deaths, birth and renewal are just as much a part of the experience.

In a Natural Disaster or Storm

Many people dream of drowning in a flood, tsunami or storm in which water rises fast and they become swept up or under the force of the rushing water or waves.

In this type of dream, we are going to touch on a couple of things; one being precognition and memories from past life experiences. Some people who have actually drowned in past lives will experience it in the dream state as a way for the subconscious to bring it to the surface so that it can be healed and resolved. Unresolved fears and traumas stay with us until we are able to heal them and move forward. So, the dream state is one way in which these experiences try to surface.

In another form, these dreams can be precognitive and the dreamer may be tapping in to a global impact such as a natural disaster that claims the lives of others or affects people in the world in a large way.

In the case where either of these scenarios is not the root cause to the dream, it can traditionally mean how we handle an emotional impact that is a natural part of life and it can be a heads up that something emotionally impacting is about to hit by surprise. This can be a financial loss, emotional loss or even death of a loved one. This can also represent to the dreamer how he is moving through an emotional impact that he has gone through recently, especially if he has not been able to properly cope with life's stresses.

Being that it is a natural disaster or storm of nature, this reminds the dreamer that many things that are difficult emotionally are a natural part of life and how we handle the situation is up to us. Proper coping skills and stress management skills are vital to healing from grief and loss.


As with all dream interpretations, outer lying circumstances can give us many clues to the intricacies and details surrounding the root message. For example, if the person who drowns in the dream is heavily intoxicated, it can represent that they have been in denial or using unhealthy methods to cope with emotional stresses and loss. Or let's say a person is driving a bus or car and it veers off the road, plunging into a lake or river, and the dreamer drowns, this can be a warning to slow down in life, and that they are taking too big of risks that can compromise their health or well being.  Another example would be being trapped or having one's hands tied and movement is compromised which causes the dreamer to not be able to fight for his breath or life. This can indicate that outer influences have forced the dreamer into circumstances that has made him feel victimized or at risk of failure, even if it's failure of a relationship or being able to stay afloat financially.  This can also represent that the dreamer is feeling suffocated and unable to have the proper "breathing room" in a relationship or other position that is having a negative impact on him.

This is just a reminder to the dreamer to take charge and take hold of his present situation and alter the circumstances so that he no longer has to feel victimized or suffocated by things that appear outside of his control.

So there are many circumstances that can change the nature of the message and help us further understand what it means.

As with all dreams, they are messages and the further we are able to interpret and understand our dreams, the better we are able to understand the ebb and flow of life which can give us great tools for healing, growth, and forgiveness.

Drowning in Your Dreams Conclusion

As you can see, there are several types of drowning dreams and each dream can have a different meaning, depending on each person’s circumstances. Dreams can tell us all a lot about our daily life fears and concerns. Learning how to interpret dreams can help us understand our deeper fears and possibly learn to handle our problems.  

Consumer advisory: For those requesting information, please find our statement regarding our ongoing litigation against Mark Mazza, Patrick M. Williams, and PromoCodeWatch, LLC.

Phone Calls in Dreams - Interpretations and Meanings

Learn about the interpretations and meanings of phone calls in dreams.

Communication comes in many forms whether it's a verbal conversation, telepathic thought "sharing" or transference, and even through physical gestures such as hand signals or facial expressions. Noted, many subtleties pertain to the forms of communication and dreams are very much a part of the equation.

With phone calls, the big picture reveals there is a message for the dreamer to be revealed.

Receiving a Phone Call

To receive a phone call in a dream can mean many things, directly and indirectly and can be taken as a sign or message about something the dreamer is currently experiencing in their life. However, on a deeper level, when the dreamer receives a phone call, it may also be a direct form of communication from other realms or even people who are no longer in direct contact with them on a regular basis.

Often, when there are lingering emotional or mental attachments to another person, living or deceased, it is not uncommon to dream of them phoning us to let us know they are okay. Or in other circumstances, they have something urgent that needs to be shared and that urgency is made manifest in the dream state.

Let's say a dreamer is at home and answers the phone in their dream but there is nobody on the other line. This presents a mystery. One scenario is that the person who is intending to reach out feels unable or is unable. Perhaps the caller is an ex and wants to reach out in real life, but does not. Because the intention and desire is there, it creates a string of attachment through projection and subconsciously in the dream state, the dreamer receives that intention. Because the dreamer is at home, this shows that the caller is personally connected, as houses and homes represent something of a firsthand personal nature. The caller is known to the dreamer, but the identity remains a mystery.

Now let's say that the dreamer receives a phone call at a pay phone while out in public. This reveals that the caller is making public whatever message he or she wants to share. If the caller happens to be someone from the dreamers past whom they had a falling out with, then I would interpret this as rumors being spread publicly. Or, let's say this is a friend or family member who is connected to the dreamer in a positive way but they have had little to no interaction with the dreamer in real life; this would tell me that the caller wants to communicate and connect, that there are positive memories and reasons to connect and being that it's received in a public place tells me the dreamer can locate or find communication with the caller through a public forum such as a social network. This would tell me that a reunion is coming.

Now let's say the dreamer receives a call on their cell phone but they cannot take it at that time, this would tell me that the caller knows the dreamer but the dreamer is ignoring the caller in real life. Perhaps this is not intentional, but the energy of not being able to connect is present. If the dreamer wants to take the call but something else gets in the way such as a low battery, static or even weather while driving etc, this would tell me that the dreamer in real life is yearning for a stronger connection with the caller but finds themselves unable to because of outer influences. This can be seen in situations with friendships that are fading away or even people who want to take their friendship to the next level but are hindered due to outer influences such as distance of location or even bad reviews given by family and friends.

In other dreams, sometimes the dreamer is actually being phoned by an archetypal being such as an angel, spirit guide or even God presence. With this scenario, I would interpret this as an answer to a prayer, an intention to connect stronger to the divine or being given a strong message of faith, protection and hope from the source of creation.

With some dreams in which the caller is aggressive or presents an element of danger to the dreamer, this could be interpreted as the dreamer feeling threatened in real life, or pursued by something or someone who is a threat. So the message would be to stay ever watchful for whatever surprises are lurking around the corner.


Making a Phone Call

If the dreamer is the actual caller in the dream, this can mean many things. Similar to the interpretations offered above, the roles in this situation are simply reversed, although there can be much more to be understood from this end of it. As the caller, the dreamer reveals he or she is in control of the timing of the message and whatever situation he or she finds themselves in.

For example, some dreamers call out for help to either a friend or family member if they are in trouble. Or, they call out to an authority figure that could answer to their emergency such as a Police Officer or Ambulance Driver. In this situation, I would be curious of what type of emergency the dreamer is experiencing in real life. Many times through post traumatic stress, dreamers will experience this type of phone call, to show their sense of panic and urgency, and their cry for help. This can be stronger in cases where the dreamer is very quiet in real life about their sense of loss, trauma or feeling controlled by a negative situation without a way to resolve it.

In dreams where the caller is reaching out to a loved one whom they have a great relationship with, I would see this as a blessing that is soon to come. A message is about to be delivered that is of a happy nature that can enhance the intimacy and connection between partners.

In dreams where the caller is shouting, yelling or causing arguments on the phone, I would see this as an emotional release dream that reveals they need to resolve whatever conflict they are experiencing with that caller in real life.

Color and Condition of Phone

As in every dream, color represents many things so depending on what type of phone the dreamer is holding on to, it can reveal an even stronger energy which reveals a deeper message.

  •  White Phone- White can mean a couple things. White phones represent simplicity, a simple message that doesn't need deeper interpretation, but it can also represent a lack of emotion. It's just white, like a blank slate.
  • Silver Phone- Silver can represent a person on the go and yet it can even represent timing, schedules and appointments. A phone call with a silver phone can mean either the dreamer or caller is trying to do too much in a short period of time and is mismanaging their schedule.
  • Black Phone- A Black phone represents someone whose getting right down to business and who wants things cut and dry, to tell it like it is. It can also represent discretion. Messages are direct but are also discreet. I would take note of the importance of the call and to recognize it is meant to be kept to themselves.
  • Pink Phone- Pink phones often represent teenage or young girls and women. It can also represent a message of love.
  • Blue Phone- Blue phones represent men or masculine energy. Light blue would represent a young male, even boy, and the darker the shade, the older or more mature the man. It can also represent peaceful and calming energy.
  • Red Phone- Red phones can mean a couple things. Emergencies come to mind first. I think of the private emergency line for the President. It also represents passion and sometimes aggression.


If a phone is glittered up with bling or accessories, I would see the nature of the people in the dream or message being one of clutter and disorganization. It also represents someone or something that needs to be recognized as important which is of a personal nature. I think of personalization, feeling special and important but it also reveals that the person wants recognition for it too.

If a phone is old and in disarray in any form, I would interpret this as neglect whether it represents it physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. The tone of the call should reveal which form of neglect it is.

If a phone is sleek, new and fully charged, I would see it as the person being completely ready to take on anything, and that they take care of themselves and are healthy.

As always, with every dream, it's important to write down what you dream so that you train your subconscious to pay closer attention to these important details.

Other dream interpretation articles I've written about on Factoidz which can be accessed through my profile are:

 Image Source

Being Shot in a Dream: Methods, Meanings and Interpretations

Learn the different interpretations and scenarios of what it means to be shot or be a shooter in a dream.

What Dreams Can Mean

Being shot in a dream can provoke anger, fear and a lot of confusion but there are practical ways to understanding and interpreting exactly what it means, especially if these types of scenarios are recurring.

As the dreamer, we often feel victimized, or hurt by the hands of another. Sometimes in these dreams we actually experience death but most often, it is the impact that is strongest component.

How we are shot, by what, and by who can give us different meanings.


Being shot with an arrow or multiple arrows often leads us to question challenges, conflicts and difficulties with matters of the heart. Many traditional images portray a heart with an arrow drawn through it, or even picture the romantic notion of Robin Hood shooting an arrow into a bulls-eye for his honor and to win the love of his Maid Marion. However, some dreams portray very different scenarios such as those with a historical context of axes, arrows, and stones.

If someone is shot with a single arrow and can see the assailant, the interpretation would lead to a competition or rivalry, including undertones of jealousy when it comes to a relationship or partner. Who is it that is trying to attach to their already taken loved one? Or how about having to fight for the attention of another who has not yet become a partner to them? What is it about love that has such an impact that it could spark rivalry?

If the dreamer is shot with multiple arrows, this would indicate feeling bombarded by matters of the heart. This could be jealousy but often, this would indicate harsh words or judgments by friends and family members that pertain to a chosen mate. For example, a daughter-in-law that his family dislikes and makes verbal jabs against her to him. In a sense, this is a battle of words but can be overwhelming and cause emotional "bleeding" or even death to the relationship.

If the dreamer is the one who is shooting arrows, he or she needs to ask themselves who it is they are trying to compete with. Where is there a need for such a battle? What emotions are they suppressing that could be "shot" out one day when they lose their temper? What do they have to fight so hard for when it comes to love or companionship?


Guns have a similar context in the fact there is some form of conflict but guns represent something different. Instead of matters of the heart, guns represent dominance or a fight for survival and usually this pertains to lifestyle, social status or even career. Guns represent quick-to-action responses and defenses and depending on the type of gun or how many gunmen there are, the dreamer can determine the seriousness of the fight.

If the dream takes on an urban appeal with gang members or a type of gang mentality with assailants shooting to kill the dreamer, the tone of the dream comes across as the dreamer feeling overwhelmed by the majority and gives in to the imaginings of his or her biggest fears. The dreamer in life is being overwhelmed, overworked and feels weaker against the majority. Urban areas represent something manmade rather than natural so this can be more of a fight for survival of a financial status, social status or position of some kind that competes with the fellow man.

In a natural setting such as field, mountain, or park area, the dreamer is stepping into an environment that is cognitively very natural and familiar. For example, they are on familiar territory, even though in the dream they may be navigating through scenes they don't recognize. Nature and the outdoors reveal who the dreamer is in a natural setting. So if the dreamer is the one being shot but cannot see the gunman, this shows that it is natural for them to feel stricken, shot, or hurt by others words.

It is natural for them to be on the defense, watching every move that others make and keeping others at arm's length. If the dreamer is the shooter and cannot see the target, it shows a similar defensiveness but they feel they are the one in control of the situation.

If the dreamer is a shooter but is hunting an animal in a dream, this shows a need to survive, and the instinct to do whatever it takes to survive. If the dreamer is watching an animal get shot, it shows in real life they are surrounded by others who are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Depending on the reaction the dreamer has to the animal being shot, he or she will know whether or not this is an ally or adversary.


Tanks or Bombs

This would represent a conflict with political power, political or governmental organizations or policies. If the dreamer is the victim, then it would be interpreted that the dreamer feels victimized by these organizations and it's come down to a fight for survival. Or, if the dreamer is riding in a tank or operating a bombing system on a large scale, it would be interpreted that the dreamer in real life is willing to wage war against a nation, government or policy for a moral victory, or to stand up for a noble cause.

In a Car

If the dreamer is in a car and is being shot at, then it shows they are moving through a situation that is a really close call with someone or something they are in a conflict with. Depending on if they get away determines the outcome or projected outcome in real life. It's a narrow escape. Or, if the person is in a parked car and is shooting at a target who cannot see them, this shows in real life they want to confront someone or something but haven't done so yet. This is more of an emotional release dream to release frustration over a situation they are conflicted by.

In a War

Sometimes, on occasion, people will dream of being shot in a war. Depending on the nature of the dream, this can potentially be a deep soul recall memory of a past life experience. Sometimes however, this can represent an individual feeling at war with an agency, an ideal, a country, a policy and so on. It represents something much bigger than they are, but they are not alone in the fight.


For those who dream of being shot and dying from it often experience a conclusion, possibly finality to whatever conflict they have been at war with. If the dreamer is the shooter and the target is killed by their shot, it shows they are the ones who are ending whatever conflict has been experienced.

Dream Interpretations Conclusion

As you can see, there are many way to interpret a dream. Sometimes we can wake up in a cold sweat, shaking, and scared because of a dream we had. Other times we wake up feeling great because of the dreams we had. Interpreting dreams is of course not an exact science, but there is plenty of evidence that suggests that dreams are all about issues that worry us in life. Our subconscious and dreams can tell us a great deal about what concerns all of us in life.

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VEHICLES in Dreams - Interpretations, Meanings and What They Represent

Understand what it means to dream of a vehicle. Discover the many interpretations based on color, condition, position and ownership of a vehicle in a dream.


When someone dreams of a vehicle, whether it be a bus, car, truck, van, airplane or even train, their subconscious is trying to deliver a message to them about a particular situation so here are some detailed descriptions that can be a guide to understanding what these vehicles are trying to reveal, which often shows how we're moving through a situation.

Public or Private Transportation

Simply, to know whether or not the situation is sparked from an external source or a personal one, a dreamer can learn this by identifying whether or not the vehicle in their dream is their own, someone else's or a form of public transportation.

For example, let's say a dreamer is driving a sports car and they are racing to get away from something or someone, then they can identify it as a personal situation they are fleeing from. However, let's say that same dreamer is riding a public bus and the bus is racing to get away from someone or something; this would tell me that the dreamer is in a circumstance that is happening to them from an outside influence, rather than something they have personally created.

But the fact they are on the bus, tells me they are affected in some way by the event. So, to go deeper, I would question what the event is, or what it is that is happening to the bus. Is it nearly tipping over? Is it wobbly or unable to move quicker than what it needs to? This would tell me that the dreamer is uncertain about something external in their life such as job security or even an environmental or sociopolitical condition that they are worried about.

How many other people are on the bus? Many other people on the bus tells me the dreamer is by far not the only one going through whatever situation is presented. If the people are calm even in an emergency, this can mean that they are either unaware of the dangers around them, or they simply don't feel threatened.

Then again, if the people are frightened and alarmed, it could mean that whatever the situation is, it is a threat to their livelihood. The same can be said for the sports car as far as dangers and threats go, although instead of a community or group threat from something outside the persons control, it would show that they are personally part of the crisis.

Now let's say that the dreamer finds themselves in a train and the train is stopped on the track. What interlinked events have caused the person to feel immobile? Each train car represents a single component to whatever it is that has caused the dreamer to not be able to go forward, and the outer conditions of the train or the environment the train is in can reveal a lot about that. For example, let's say the track has come apart, or that even something sabotaged the structure of the track.

I would question who or what intended to sabotage the dreamers progress. In an example, let's say the dreamer is up for a promotion at work and dreams of being in a train that is stuck on the track because the track has been destroyed by an unseen person or group of people. I would interpret this as the dreamer having strong competition for the promotion and that they are intentionally trying to make it difficult for them to receive the promotion, either by starting rumors or even talking badly about them to the boss.


Dreamer's Position in the Vehicle

If a dreamer finds themselves in the driver's seat of the vehicle, then I would interpret it as them being the direct cause, or the one in control of, a situation. If the dreamer finds themselves as the front passenger, I would interpret it as them being still part of the decision making process of a situation but they do not have final say. If they are in the back seat of the driver's side, I would see it as them being unable to control what is happening, although they are directly affected by the driver's decisions. And then lastly, if they are in the back seat of the passenger's side, I would see them as not having any control and very lightly, if at all, being affected by the driver's decisions because they are farthest removed from the driver.

Color of the Vehicle

Color says a lot, even more than what the actual moods of the people are in the vehicle because it makes visible the emotional current and undertones of the situation.

  • White- A white vehicle represents something of a high vibration and usually spiritual in nature.
  • Silver- Similar to white, a silver vehicle represents high vibrations but I usually see this as the ability to keep things in tip top shape, to have clear direction and be able to apply ideas into a physical form. Executing plans, ideas and intentions.
  • Blue- A blue vehicle represents something of a mental energy. Blue itself represents peace of mind or peaceful energy so the hue of the energy would reflect the level of peace that person is feeling. The lighter the shade, the more peaceful the mood. In contrary, the darker the shade, the darker or more unsettled the peaceful mood. In some cases, light blue could represent baby boy or young boy.
  • Green- A green vehicle usually represents something that is connected to the environment or nature. I would interpret it as eco-friendly or balanced with nature. Again, the shade will show the variation of that. For example, a dark green van that is rusted out half way would show me the person is being wasteful in life, and not connected to nature either environmentally or even spiritually. A bright lime green would show a person to be very connected to the environment and nature but be observant. A neon green could represent an artificial form of connection. Someone that says they are earth-friendly, but doesn't follow through in their efforts.
  • Yellow- A yellow vehicle could represent fluctuations, a wishy-washy situation. Light or faded yellow would indicate an unstable situation. For example, if the person is trying to make a decision about something and they dream they are in a faded yellow vehicle, I would question how much they really know about what they are trying to decide. I would suggest they need more facts, that something isn't as concrete as they believe it to be and of course their position in the vehicle can be more revealing. A bright yellow to me would represent a couple things. One could see it as joy, happiness and celebration, or, it can be interpreted as caution. Other factors in the dream can be the indicator of how to interpret that particular shade.
  • Gold- Depending on the shade, gold vehicles can mean different things. Light sparkly gold reveals a situation of natural wealth, a balance of wealth or increase of wealth whether it is emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or even financial. But a dark, vibrant, almost striking yellow gold to be represents an illusion of wealth. Perhaps someone is trying to accrue assets with ill intent or that they are chasing the golden ticket in life without regard for others.
  • Maroon- Maroon colored vehicles to me usually represent poor health or poor conditions of a situation. Perverse or obscured points of view dominate the situation. Abusive situations or manipulative people are often revealed with this color vehicle that appears in a dream.
  • Pink- Ah, love is in the air! Pink in any example usually represents love. Depending on the shade determines what kind of love. A soft dusty pink would represent innocence in love or old fashioned ways of doing something. Hot pink often represents immaturity or inexperience and dark pink represents a long standing love, such as someone who has been in love for a long time with someone, whether they are a partner or a person that is desired to be a partner.
  • Red- Red vehicles represent dominance, superiority, passion, drive, aggression or even anger. Depending on the shade will determine the strength of this energy. Lighter softer reds represent passive forms of this energy but bright strong shades can represent a forceful way of expressing this energy. Dark red can represent darker aspects associated with red such as rage or violence.
  • Orange- Represents sensuality, sexual expression and intimacy.
  • Gray- Different than silver, gray vehicles represent the deterioration of a situation, vitality or clarity of something. Depending on the shade will determine the severity of it.
  • Black- A black vehicle can represent two main things that can be quite a contrast to each other. One, black can represent someone or something that is in stealth mode; calculated, observant, watchful and careful. It can also represent secrecy or privacy; something that is being concealed and hidden.


Of course there are more aspects to vehicles such as the external conditions like weather, landscape, seascape or even urban conditions.

For example, if a person dreams they are driving or riding through an icy passage and they are about to get stuck in the snow, I'd ask if they have felt left out in the cold by someone or something, and considering in the dream they are about to get stuck, I would want to know why they feel this has disabled them in some form. The fact they are not stuck but feel they are about to get stuck, tells me they can avoid the situation still. There is time to react differently.

Or, let's say the vehicle crashes into a lake. Water represents emotion, so I would want to know what they feel they have encountered emotionally that has created such an impact to them. If there is a storm I would recognize heartbreak or emotional storms. If it is shallow, I would see it as shallow emotions, someone as being selfish or thoughtless.

As with all dreams, write down what you experience so you can better understand and interpret what your subconscious is trying to show you.

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Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-Boyfriend in Dreams- Meanings and Interpretations

Dreams with an Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend can represent many things from them thinking of the dreamer, or needing to reconcile and find closure. Discover the many common interpretations.

Breakups can linger with us, even for years and there usually is a period of time in which we have residual emotional release dreams about it that can help us transition through the pain or confusion. For this article, the dreams I'd like to focus on are the ones in which an ex has appeared in dream unannounced or by surprise when in waking life, resolution for the most part has already been made. So, listed below are some condensed interpretations in what it means to dream of an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

They're Thinking of You

Many people reach the conclusion of a break up differently and it is common for one partner to experience a longer time of healing and closure than the other. Assuming it is the dreamer who has reached conclusion earlier, it would take them by surprise to experience a dream of their ex but it isn't necessarily for no reason.

Just experiencing the ex's presence can pose the question of "why". Simply, the ex is still seeking an answer of some kind and the dreamer is picking up on it subconsciously. They are in search of closure although depending on the nature of the dream, it can also represent the ex's desire to reconnect and reconcile.

Overly Hostile

In a dream in which we experience backlash or hostility from our ex, it can represent that they are still angry and are working through lingering emotions that are being projected on to the dreamer. In this situation, through simple prayer or meditation, the dreamer can also project an energy of release and ask that the ex find clarity and release from the emotional turbulence so that it can be released.

If the dreamer is being pursued by an angry or aggressive ex, it can also represent the need for the ex to confront whatever emotional imprints they still have from the break up. If the ex in real life were especially an angry or volatile person, this can denote a desire of revenge from the ex. So dreamer beware.

If the dreamer finds they are the ones who are overly hostile in a dream with their ex, it can represent emotional energies that were not fully dealt with at the time of the break up and it alerts the dreamer to confront their own experience of feeling victimized or betrayed so that they can receive healing and release.

Passionate or Sexual

To engage in sexual or passionate activities in a dream with an ex, especially if the dreamer is currently content can represent a couple things. One, the subconscious self is reflecting on the chemistry they have previously experienced with their ex that was pleasurable which doesn't necessarily mean anything except that it is a sexual release dream. However, with a dream in which there is not only passion, but intense emotion, it can also represent a subconscious desire to reconnect to their ex even though they have moved on.

A dream like this can indicate a heads up that the dreamer could possibly experience an opportunity to reconcile or reconnect with the ex under positive circumstances that could lead to reconnecting sexually.

Depending on what kept the relationship together in the first place, this can be an indication that the relationship had chemistry, but potentially lacked intimacy in other areas. Sex was a strong point of the relationship.

If the passion is expressed on both sides in the dream and it has a strong vivid context to it, it could actually represent both people reflecting on this at the same time in their own private lives.

Eye Contact

In a dream in which an ex appears but from afar, and is not making eye contact, this signals to the dreamer that the other person has moved on and they are no longer visible in an emotional or psychological way for the ex. How the ex behaves can be a strong message on where they currently stand in their life on the perspective of the relationship.

In a dream in which the dreamer and ex are face to face but the ex still doesn't make eye contact, this would indicate that the ex still won't face the situation as it is. Denial is strongly present. In a situation in which they look down more than look away, it shows they are looking down on the situation or relationship as it was. How they view it is negative. However, if they look up above the dreamer more than away, and still don't make eye contact, this can represent the ex seeking counsel or advice through prayer and still looking for a way to see what's right before their eyes. In a dream where the ex looks away side to side and rests their eyes on someone else, especially of the opposite sex, this can simply show the dreamer that their ex has their eye on someone else. Now, if this dream under this situation takes place during a time in which they were still together, it can indicate that the ex already had their eye on someone else and it's a way for that to be made visible.

If there is direct eye contact without speaking, then the ex is ready to see or face things as they are.

In Distress

At times, a dream will come in which an ex is in trouble and is crying out for help. Depending on the circumstances, it may actually be true in the present moment. Considering there used to be a strong connection and tie to that person, it wouldn't be unheard of to still be connected enough to pick up on the distress signal of an ex if they are in current need of help.

if the dreamer is the one in distress in the dream and the ex is there to witness it, the same can be said from the previous paragraph, and can be interpreted in reverse.

Small Details

With a dream such as this, it's important to pay attention to the small little details surrounding the bigger picture because often, they will be random things that will happen in our waking life as a way to mark a time period or location and by doing so, those little things validate the stronger message. It can also represent that both the dreamer and ex are on the same wavelength in their life and are able to feel each other still.

Everything means something; all things sensory such as colors, sounds, temperatures, and even times of season that bring the dreamer to pay attention to whether or not it is a precognitive message or takes place in the present or past.

As always, write everything down and pay attention to the surroundings. Are there other people? Where does it take place? Is there something else you need to see or be made aware of?

In Life and Death

If the dreamer dreams of an ex who has passed away, this can be a very special reunion in which the ex has returned in a dream to reconnect and let the dreamer know that he or she is okay. The more emotional or distressing the dream is, the more likely it is an emotional release dream. However, the more positive and visual the dream is, the more likely it is to be an actual visit from the other side.

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Wolves in Dreams - Meanings and Interpretations

Discover what it means for a wolf or wolves to appear in a persons dream. From singular or family groups, we can learn about the nature of the dreamer or people that the dreamer is connected to in their life. It can also reveal information pertaining to their spiritual growth and internal changes such as emotional growth, decisions surrounding personal relationships or even career goals.

Wolves are surrounded by notions of mysticism, magic and folklore. They are a strong animal totem in Native American spirituality and symbolism as well as being associated by characteristics that are very similar to human beings. They have rules in which they live by and a structured hierarchy of ranks that defines placement within the pack which are represented by an "Alpha" male or "Alpha" female position. What is also unique to the symbolism of the wolf is that they are known as loners as well as family oriented creatures. They have a very independent nature yet are loyal to family groups.

Listed below are common interpretations to what it means to dream of wolves.


When a wolf appears in a dream that has a specific color, coat or markings, the color can represent many subtle things.Aside from a territorial location that would define geographical terrain, colors can reveal even more about the nature of the dreamer or person the wolf represents aside from the dreamer.

  • Black- A black wolf can represent a more carnal nature or a situation that pertains to material and physical things. For example, some people will dream of wolves that represent the presence of specific people in their life. The nature of the wolf may be similar to the nature of the person which would reveal that this wolf could be seen as that person's animal totem. When the wolf is black, it can represent a sexual or physical relationship, or even the intention or thought towards one. This can also represent some of the more animalistic traits of a person or group.
  • Gray- A gray wolf can represent the balance between nature and spirit, or, Earth and spirit. It can also be known as the balance of life between the physical plane and etheric planes. A gray wolf can remind us to keep the balance within ourselves and the connections we have with family and friends. It can also remind us to pay more attention to the spiritual growth we are making. In the question of a friend, family member or potential mate, a gray wolf can represent them as a person in balance between their physical life and spiritual foundation. It can also represent that they are in the process of growth both physically and spiritually.
  • White- A white wolf can represent someone or something that is directly influenced by spiritual communication or teachings. Someone that would be very knowledgeable or connected spiritually could be represented by a white wolf. It can also represent the purity of a message that is delivered by a spiritual presence. It can also represent someone who is pursuing a stronger connection to their faith, spiritual practices or ceremonial activities. 
  • Red- A red wolf can appear as fully red or combination of other colors. Red can often appear rust colored or almost Coyote-like in appearance. A red wolf can represent passion or something of an emotional nature. It can also represent ideas, intuition and intentions. What is the intention of whom the wolf is representing? Is it authentic or inauthentic?



There are many varieties of wolves and sometimes a wolf will appear in a dream to remind the dreamer to pay attention to certain geographical locations. Perhaps the dreamer is planning on a move, or looking to further explore their heritage and genealogical origin. A wolf that can represent a specific region of the world can give the dreamer a heads up of where to look. It can also be a precognitive message to alert the dreamer of a new person entering their life that may be from a specific region. If this is the case, depending on the nature of the wolf or surrounding environment of the dream, it can forewarn the dreamer of the negative or positive nature of the individual.

Lone or Group

If a wolf appears to the dreamer without the company of his or her pack, it is important to pay attention to a specific person or situation that is relevant to the dreamer which would describe more of an isolated or detailed situation or person. When a wolf appears as part of a family group, depending on his or her behavior, the dreamer will know if the message pertains to how they relate to family and friends, or if it is an example of how they view others, even how they view society at large.


  • Timid- A wolf that is stand-offish or timid may represent that he or she is suspicious of the dreamer's intention. They may show caution as a way for self defense and being prepared in the event the dreamer has an inauthentic intention towards another. But it also shows the dreamer is under watch and surveillance. The dreamer can question who in their life could be timid or cautious towards them and can make choices that can relieve the nervous situation.
  • Aggressive- An aggressive wolf can represent defensive postures or fear based movements in life. Is the dreamer feeling under attack by someone or others? Is there an aggressive person in their life who is trying to intimidate them? 
  • Protective- Similar to aggressive tendencies, a wolf that acts based on protecting themselves or others sends a message to the dreamer that there may be a situation in which they will need to protect themselves from. It may also represent others who feel a need to be protected in a situation as well.
  • Playful- A playful wolf or group reminds us that regardless of how cruel nature can be, or how much we believe we need to keep up our guard, there is always room for play and relaxation. We can't always just operate based on survival instincts. We also need to keep life is balance with playfulness and fun.
  • Sleeping- Wolves that appear in a dream in which they are resting and asleep is more rare than other dreams. This can alert the dreamer that they have been sleeping through some of life's situations in which they need to pay more attention to. This can also in a different way, teach the dreamer they need to take better care of themselves. They can't be on alert at all times. The body, mind and spirit need rest from time to time.
  • Invisible- Sometimes when a wolf appears in a dream they appear to be unaware of the dreamers presence and go about their life naturally. This can mean a couple things. A single wolf that appears to do their own thing without interacting at all with the dreamer can show that the dreamer could be feeling neglected by a specific person in their life that is important. Or, they could be trying to form a connection and communication with someone that isn't giving them their time or attention. This can also show the dreamer that they may be more distracted in life and missing out on opportunities or connections that are there, but are not fully noticed.


The wolves' environment plays a big role in what message the dreamer receives as well. Is it night? Is it day? What about the weather? Are the stars and moon out? What about the temperature and season?

  • Night or Day- A wolf appearing at night will reveal things either hidden in the subconscious or things that may not be "visible" in the dreamer's perception. Something is happening that the dreamer is given an inside view on that otherwise has been elusive from view.
  • Clear Skies or Storms- Clear skies represents a clear solution or non-threatening and calm nature of a person or persons. Storms can represent difficult emotions or confusion in a situation and depending on the nature of the storm, it can tell the dreamer there is confusion surrounding the dreamer or a situation the dreamer is in.
  • Stars and Moon- If there is a moon visible in the dream, it can reveal to the dreamer the timing of something or in what stage something is in the process of. Is something nearing completion or is it just beginning? Stars have been known as guidance systems for millennia in most cultures and history. Whether through navigation of sea captains on ships, or calculating the change in seasons or even astrological calculations, stars can reveal a number of important things.


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Dreams About Lions or Tigers Meaning

Dreaming about lions and tigers can be interpreted in several ways, depending on what you personally associate with them, and universal symbolism.

Sometimes you may have dreams which you suspect have a hidden message. Dreams about lions or tigers can be particularly perplexing if you don't understand what they mean. Your subconscious could be attempting to tell you something that's trapped in the deep recesses of your mind.

According to the psychoanalyst Freud, things which are painful for us to access consciously can become trapped in our unconscious life. A follower of Freud's, Jung, believed that thoughts from our subconscious, and the collective unconscious, can rise into our dreams, and that these dreams can be interpreted if we examine dream imagery and symbols.

According to Jung, the collective unconscious is a universal pool of knowledge we can tap into while dreaming. Animals such as lions or tigers in a dream, would represent common factors we all know about them, and relate to something happening in our personal life.

If you dream about lions or tigers, the first place to begin if you want to practice the art of dream interpretation, is to list facts you know already about the animals, along with any sayings, thoughts, feelings and traits you believe them to have. For example lions are known for:

  • Being proud
  • strong
  • Brave

There are stories pertaining to lions you may have heard of also which could influence your dreams meaning, such as Born Free, and the tale of the lion who had a thorn removed from his paw by St Jerome.

If the two examples pertain to your brain store of information regarding lions, you could add to your list:

  • Wildness
  • Gratitude

If you dreamed about tigers you would build a list about what you associate with tigers, in the same way you compiled the lion list. For example, you may think of tigers as being:

  • Frightening
  • Beautiful
  • Rare

Tigers are associated in films, books and sayings with being both fearsome, and friendly. The way you interpret your dream with them in, will depend upon the circumstances in which the tiger presented itself, and the type of character form the tiger projected. A cartoon tiger, such as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh in a dream may have something to do with childhood, or your inner child. However, a tiger which comes across as vicious and wild, bearing teeth and flashing his claws, is more likely to have something to do with primitive feelings, such as aggression or shock.

The next step to interpreting the meaning of dreams about lions or tigers is to think closely about what happened to you the day before your dream. Perhaps you had a shocking or frightening encounter with someone? In which case the wild animal could represent the person who upset you, and your deepest feelings about the experience.

If you were angry or aggressive the day before your dream, the lion or tiger may represent you. In which case your subconscious may be showing you how aggressive you were, or how angry you felt about something, or towards someone.

Jung also believed that each individual has a shadow side, which goes along with the theory that where there is good there is bad, and where there's dark there's also light. In order to fit in with society and behave properly, we may repress our shadow side. This happens when a person is excessively nice all the time, but secretly feels angry now and then while hiding their true feelings from the outside world.

Feelings which are suppressed, as in willfully withheld, can become repressed, as in pushed into our subconscious out of sight, even from ourselves. Wild, or scary creatures in dreams, such as lions, tigers, sharks, wolves and snakes, sometimes represent our shadow side, which is desperate to resurface because we haven't paid it any attention.

If you have nightmares about lions or tigers, according to the teaching of Freud and Jung, you probably need to become better balanced for your own good. If you hide your true feelings a lot, and never let off steam they can surface as nightmares or result in angry outbursts. Dealing with them as they occur can prevent them building up.

Remember that dreams of lions or tigers can be positive, particularly if you associate them with positive traits on your list. If, for example, you dream that a lion sits beside you looking strong and beautiful, perhaps you've just done something in your waking life to be proud of, and shown great strength of character and courage.

Likewise, dreaming of a tiger playing, and rolling with you as you laugh and enjoy each others company, could show you've successfully integrated your shadow side into your personality, and that the tiger side of you is now capable of standing up for you, and making you brave. This leaves you free to relax and be playful, safe in the knowledge that you are capable of taking care of yourself.

Lions and tigers are special creatures. Tigers particularly, are becoming rare due to mankind's bad behavior and lack of respect. You are fortunate if you see them in a dream, as they are powerful symbols which can be bought to your aid when you need them, or help you understand deep emotions you may not always want to deal with.





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Spiders in Dreams - Meanings and Interpretations

When spider comes to us in a dream to deliver a message, we may find that we are being asked to face our fears or observe how we are moving through, and building on, new creative ventures. It can also signal to us that we need to take an extra look at how we relate to others and what type of relationships we are building. We can learn how to recognize the way we respond to new situations or learning new ways to trust in ourselves when we are taking new risks and creating new things for ourselves.

Spiders have been revered throughout history as messengers from the spirit world as well as beings that help us face our fears. They are also connected to many mystical and magical symbols that represent many things from protection, to revealing our steps as we pursue our goals, to showing us what kind of web we're building in our lives through many forms of action.

Listed below are common interpretations to what it means when a spider delivers a message to us in our dreams.

Creativity and Weaving a Web

Spider reminds us that we are all creative beings and we create continually. Whether we are using our intentions to create a better quality of life, emotional fulfillment or even helping us overcome our fears with innovative techniques, spider teaches us that we are the ones who weave the web of life that we live.

When we see a spider weaving a brand new web, we are being shown that we are in the very beginning stages of creation with something in particular. Are we entering a new job? What about a new relationship? Or how about a new spiritual step in our spiritual growth?

When a spider weaves a new web, it is creating something that can support its body weight that is much heavier than the threads it uses to weave with. This reminds the dreamer that although their steps and creative action may appear minimal that they are fearful of not being able to fully support over time, it is a reminder that not all things are as they first appear. Something small becomes larger over time and as each thread of creative effort is added to the overall goal, amazing results can be achieved.

Nature of the Web

Depending on the nature of the web that's been built, we can see what else is going on in our lives and situations we are in. Are there holes in the web? What about large gaps between interconnecting threads? Is it tightly woven? This can reveal a lot. Holes in a web or a web that appears to be injured or neglected can be a message to us that we are feeling injured or neglected in our creative efforts. Is our boss not seeing the effort we are making without being asked? What about a spouse? Do we feel they are punching holes in our dreams or ambitions?

Large gaps in the web can represent needing to take large steps to complete a goal whether it's weight loss, securing better financial positions or even taking on a new creative project like learning a new trade or skill.

A tightly woven web shows us that all the effort we put forth is being fully supported and is in tip top shape. If there are many webs connected together that are woven tightly this can also represent that the person has additional support from others which can boost their emotional attitude towards what they are doing. It can also represent that they have more encouragement from outside sources than what they have originally believed.

Hit By Surprise

Some spiders come at us out of nowhere in a dream. This is to alert the dreamer that surrounding circumstances have received less attention than they deserve. So a spider has come to remind us that we are in need of harnessing our full potential and making decisions based on passion and intention rather than fear. When we ignore what matters or what is truly calling to us, we are failing to realize that something more productive is right around the corner so we need to keep our eyes and minds open to new possibilities.

Depending on the reaction the dreamer has to the spider appearing by surprise can reveal to us how we handle new situations. Are we jumpy? Suspicious? Are we afraid or angry? Is our first reaction to attack the spider because it startled us? This would reveal to the dreamer that we don't trust new situations where we can learn to adapt. Instead of shooting down a new idea or new situation, we can observe the nature of it and see what will happen next before rejecting it.

A knee jerk reaction to reject a situation that we are hit by surprise with can show us that it's important we take a look at how we handle stress and manage disappointment. This can help us identify key trauma's or situations that left an imprint on us that determines our behavior to similar things, even if they are not negative.


Many times a dreamer will experience a visit from a spider while they're in their own environment. So for example, they find a spider in their bathroom or in their bedroom and find they are either afraid of it, or curious by it. The fact that spider has left its own natural environment to travel into ours reveals a message to the dreamer that they may not be willing to meet people half way enough. Perhaps they only take risks when it's something familiar or comfortable, something they recognize. It can also signal to the dreamer they need to take more risks whether it be in communication, building friendships and relationships or doing things spontaneously. Breaking out of cycles can offer many new positive experiences that fear would otherwise interrupt.

Encountering a spider through dreams where the dreamer enters their natural domain such as a jungle, the woods or an old barn can represent to the dreamer they are willing to go as far as they need to in order to reach others or deliver a message. This would remind the dreamer they have an inquisitive nature and are willing to explore what other things have to offer. In personal relationships or evaluating new opportunities, they are more inclined to ask questions and become involved. If the dreamer finds themselves in the spiders domain but doesn't enjoy the experience or feels very much out of place and protective of themselves, it can be a reminder that the dreamer can learn by other examples that it's okay to explore a little and take more risks.

Spider web / Pixabay


When a spider attacks a dreamer, it is often a signal that the dreamer needs to confront their fears and that they are building relationships or friendships with fear rather than openness. Perhaps they feel under attack by someone they are building a relationship with. This would be a good opportunity to ask questions about how we handle personal growth that involves trust.

When a spider is very gentle and docile in a dream it can send a message that all is well and it is a good time to harness new opportunities. It can also represent that things are moving in a positive direction and there is nothing to fear.

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Teeth in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Teeth falling out, breaking apart or even new teeth growing in can teach a lot about what we are experiencing in our daily lives. Explore a list of interpretations on what it means to dream of teeth.

Of the many popular interpretations to dreaming of teeth or teeth falling out, fear and phobias tend to be the catalyst to most definitions.

Listed below are several interpretations to what it means to dream of teeth.

Rotting and Falling Out

When a dreamer dreams of their own teeth rotting and falling out, it can be a sign to them that something that has required their attention has been neglected and needs immediate attention. When the dreamer tries to push the teeth back up into their mouth, it can signify that they are trying to keep something going that no longer works or serves a positive purpose of growth.

When rotting teeth infect the gums and tissue of the mouth, it's to alert the dreamer to just let go of whatever it is in their daily life that is stopping them from being healthy.

Teeth serve a purpose for chewing food and also for appearance. When teeth are rotting and falling out, it can send a message to the dreamer they are worried about their survival that may also be due to their external appearance; how they appear to the general public.

When rotting teeth affect language and communication, the dreamer needs to pay attention to what he or she is saying and how they are portraying their message to the world. Are they saying something that should be kept silent instead? Are they speaking "rotten" words instead of something encouraging and based in truth rather than emotion?

This can also mean that the dreamer will end up eating their rotten words if they tend to be a bit hostile.

Another way to approach this is through precognitive influence. This can be a heads up to the dreamer that they are about to face a situation in which they will have to choose their words wisely, or else it may become a rotten situation that is taken out of context. If the dreamer is trying to choose their words wisely on a touchy situation, a good moment of meditation or contemplation can change the direction that needs extra evaluation.


Teeth getting knocked out or kicked out due to an external injury can be a warning to the dreamer that sometimes what they say could come back to "bite" them in the end. So again, choose words wisely. It can also represent how other people's words affect us also. For example, the dreamer may be in the direct line of fire from someone that means a lot to them and it's a signal to the dreamer that this other person's words can damage or harm them in the long run. What type of impact are they being warned to avoid or prepare for?

In a situation in which the dreamer is attacked by someone or a group of others that they don't personally know, it can be a signal to the dreamer that others may feel threatened by the things they say and do. Especially for someone who has influence over a large group or community, this dream can signal that what they say or represent could be threatening to others or create confusion and fear.

New Teeth Growing In

Especially if the dreamer is an adult, when dreaming of new teeth, healthy teeth, growing in, it's a sign to the dreamer that their message has gone a long way to present new opportunities, or that they have graduated to a new stage in their career. We have two sets of teeth; our baby teeth and adult teeth. For an adult to dream of their adult teeth being replaced by a third set of adult teeth signifies a very positive message that they have an abundance of opportunities available to them that will retrieve positive results.

Broken Teeth

Teeth that crumble or break apart in the dreamer's mouth can signify the need to break apart old habits, especially when it pertains to communication and the way the dreamer handles tough situations. It can also represent a relationship situation in which the dreamer is contemplating breaking things off or worrying about breaking up. It can also represent the dreamers fear that things are breaking apart so it would be good for the dreamer to take notes on what is going on in their life at that moment to assess where their fears are coming from. Perhaps the dreamer is nervous about what to say that may cause a break up. Working through the emotional nature of their communication needs relieves these types of dreams from recurring.

Chewing Gum

A frustrating dream with teeth is when a dreamer dreams of chewing gum that gets gooey or stuck in their teeth and prohibits them from speaking especially when they have something important to say. In this case, it's good for the dreamer to ask themselves how they could articulate themselves better or how they could "chew" on a situation before saying anything. It's good to take a step back and evaluate the situation from a different perspective. On the other hand, it could just denote nervousness and the need to simplify what is being said.

This type of dream can also be positive as well. Chewing on something rather than swallowing food or eating food can denote that the dreamer will have to chew on a situation but luckily won't have to eat their words, unless in the dream they swallow their gum. In that situation, if they do swallow what wasn't meant to be eaten, then it means the words they choose to use may be tough to be said and the other person or group may not appreciate what was said, but they were necessary regardless and if the opposing group or person tries to make them eat their words, it is a signal to the dreamer to stand their ground.

Dental Work

Dreaming of dental work that results in the extraction of teeth can mean a few things. One, it could be rooted in an actual memory of having teeth extracted or the fears and anxieties over teeth that actually need to be extracted in real life. In a symbolic sense, it could represent a situation of a professional nature that requires careful attention to the way things are said and articulated. Perhaps the dreamer is going to give speech to colleagues or perhaps they are about to face legal evaluations that could result in financial extraction of their account. It speaks of expertise and on a positive note; it can be a reassurance to the dreamer that their health and well being is in the hands of professional care. Depending on the experience of the dental visit, the dreamer can learn whether or not it is positive or rooted in fear.

Other People's Teeth

Taking the above group of interpretations into consideration, the descriptions can be reversed to represent how we are affecting the health and well being of others.

In addition, there are other examples in which a dreamer will experience pursuit from other people or creatures in which their teeth mutate or change shape, as they are chasing them or attacking them. For example the pursuer's teeth mutate into sharp points or predator-like protrusions. This would signify to the dreamer that they need to pay close attention to whom they are in the company of. Are their friends or colleagues in attack mode? Are people around them dangerous or is the dreamer just insecure about being attacked for the things they say?

In other examples, even in a comedic sense, a dreamer may be in the company of others that have huge protruding teeth, like buck teeth and it causes embarrassment or discomfort while communicating. This reminds the dreamer to not take things too seriously and that at times we just need to laugh at ourselves. Especially if we tend to be a bit self conscious and it can hinder our speech or communication, it's best to take things with a grain of salt and relax a bit with how we communicate.

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